Friday, December 9, 2016

Rohatsu Sesshin - Dec. 1-8

The Rohatsu Sesshin, a meditation retreat from Dec. 1-8 was a time of concentrated practice to commemorate Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment upon seeing the morning star.

This year we had strong participation for the entire sesshin, with a core group that stayed at Shao Shan Temple.  

The sesshin included sitting and walking meditation from 5:30am until 8:30pm, with breaks after meals.  There were daily Dharma Talks by Taihaku & Kenzan on Shakyamuni Buddha's life from the time of his birth through his enlightenment.  Delicious garden-produce meals were served 3 times a day including Oryoki breakfasts (using the formal monk's eating bowls).
Thank you to everyone who participated in this time of intensive practice!

Below is the dedication that was read every morning:
 Peace Dedication
May the penetrating light of wisdom dispel the darkness of illusion.
May all harmful karma be dissolved and the mind flower bloom in eternal spring.
May our sangha and communities be peaceful and harmonious.
May the citizens of our land be safe and content.
May our nation’s leaders be filled with goodness, wisdom and courage.
May peace prevail in our communities.
May peace prevail in the nation.
May peace prevail on earth.
May our joyful practice radiate a vast and compassionate mind for all beings.