Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Year's Greeting Cards!

Shao Shan Temple's 

2017 New Year's Greetings 
are in the mail!  

Below is the message on the back of each 
New Year's Greeting.

This prayer tablet is an expression of Shao Shan Temple’s deep wishes and dedication to the welfare of the community.  It is a bridge between the temple and your everyday practice

This has been placed on the temple’s altar during the December 8-day Rohatsu intensive practice.  It has been charged with the great energy of
faith and courage. 

This prayer tablet is designed to be displayed in your home to bring peace and protection for the upcoming year.

This year’s message is

May peace and blessings extend from your home to the wider world in the upcoming year. 

Each card is hand-assembled and stamped

Ink drying on freshly stamped cards

New Year's Greetings are also available at the Temple if you do not receive one in the mail.