Friday, February 16, 2018

Feb. 15 - Buddha's Parinirvana

On February 15th, Shao Shan Temple had a ceremony honoring the death date of the original teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha's (Buddha's Parinirvana).  This year we had a more formal ceremony which included an offering of tea and cakes, instrumentation (bell, drum and cymbals) and a chanting procession.

O good followers of the path! Do not grieve! Even if I were to live in the world for as long as a kalpa, our coming together would have to end. There can be no coming together without parting. ... it may be that you will think, “The teacher’s instructions have ceased.” But it should not be seen like this. For what I have taught shall be your teacher, all living beings shall be your teacher, this bright world, and your very mind itself, shall be your teacher.  Excerpts from the Parinirvana Brief Admonitions Sutra