Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Rev. Taihaku and Stella return from Japan!

Rev. Taihaku Priest traveled to Japan from October 4th-16th accompanied 
by Stella Marrie as her Jisha (assistant).  

They report that their trip was wonderful and full of miraculous, magical moments.  
They were together with Rev. Shinjo Nohara for most of the trip.  
Shinjo-san is the abbot of the beautiful temple of Ryuunji in southern Japan.  

The primary purpose of the trip was to be present for the Kaisanki and "solving of the road-problem" ceremonies at Hokyoji (the monastery where Taihaku trained)

Welcome Home!

Ryuunji (Shinjo's temple)

Taihaku(center), Shinjo(right), Stella(left) at Eihiji
Taihaku at Hokyoji

At Jakuen-Zenji's Zazen Rock

Docho-san with Taihaku
Docho-san with Shinjo and Taihaku at the ceremony to celebrate solving the road problem.

Hokyoji Docho-san