Thursday, October 6, 2016

Visitors from Afar & Chanting Pilgrimage

Shao Shan Temple was honored this past weekend to welcome Ishibashi Shonin (Oshonin-san),  a monk from the Nipponzan Myohoji Order.  

Oshonin-san was instrumental in the initial founding of Shao Shan Temple.

He led a chanting session during the Saturday morning program.  

On Sunday, amidst beautiful fall foliage, we had a 5 mile Chanting Pilgrimage.  Walking a loop beginning and ending at the Temple, we went along dirt roads and mountain trails, including the top of Little Sacred Mountain.


Also recently we had a visit from Ranbir, from London, .  Ranbir was a couple of weeks at Hokyoji during the time Taihaku trained there.  This was his first visit to a Zen Temple in the United States.

Ranbir preparing to go up to White Jewel Mountain Retreat