Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ryuunji Temple in Japan

Shao Shan Temple is grateful to have a close relationship with Ryuunji Temple in Japan. The abbot of Ryuunji is Shinjo Nohara, who trained with Taihaku at Hokyoji and who has spent time at Shao Shan.

Currently Kenzan is visiting Ryuunji for 2 months to support the preparations for Shinjo-san's Shinzanshiki (Mountain Seat Ceremony).

Ryu-un-ji means Dragon Cloud Temple.
This is the painting on the ceiling of the main hall.

Ryuunji Temple
Shinjo-san (center), Renge-san (Satomi-left), Daido-san (right)
Ryuunji Main Hall (Hondo)

Small shrine in back of Ryuunji
Kenzan in front of Ryuunji's main altar