Sunday, December 27, 2015

Shao Shan Temple 2015 Newsletter

 Dear Friends and Sangha of Shao Shan Temple,
As this year, 2015, comes to a close, we are sending this newsletter to recap some of the year at Shao Shan Temple and to invite you to consider Shao Shan Temple in your end of year giving.

2015 RECAP

This year saw the addition of several new programs at Shao Shan Temple.  A “Question & Answer” evening in March elicited the request for a mid-day program which spawned our, now popular, Thursday afternoon program.  The Thursday afternoon program beginning at 3:30pm includes meditation, chanting the heart sutra and a Dharma discussion time.
Another new program this year, was day-retreats for Young Adults (20s & 30s).  There was a retreat in April on the topic of Values and one in November on Work.  Both were enthusiastically received.
The family program continues to flourish and in recognition of the growing number of older children, we also incorporated a “teen” portion into the program which allows the teens to join the adults for a short time of meditation, have a discussion time with Taihaku and join the children for activities and snack.  This year also saw our first Animal Friend/ Pet Blessing.
In July, there was a “Nature Retreat” during which we acknowledged the sacred sites on the land that support our practice here and planted a sacred pole atop “Dumpling Mountain” across from the Temple. 
Our usual annual ceremonies – Buddha’s Birthday and the Anniversary Celebration in September were again both meaningful and fun events.  These occasions provide an opportunity to introduce friends and family to Shao Shan Temple and to get to know others over refreshments.
In addition to the public programs, Shao Shan Temple also assists in landmark occasions such as weddings, baby blessings and memorial services.  At the beginning of the year, we offer to visit people’s homes for a personalized home blessing.
This year was momentous for the Shao Shan Temple Cemetery.  The survey was officially completed and submitted to the town of Woodbury.  The first interment of cremated remains occurred in October.  It is now possible to purchase burial rights for a lot.

More photos of these and other activities can be seen on the Blog page:

Looking to 2016

We look forward to joining with you in programs this upcoming year.   The schedule for 2016 is:  We welcome feedback if there are programs that you are especially interested in having.

Year End Giving

Shao Shan Temple is a 501C3 tax exempt organization.  Your donations are tax deductable and help insure that we continue to be able to offer programs such as these.  Donation receipts will automatically be provided for donations above $250 and will be provided upon request for donations of any amount.  Please consider making a year-end contribution.  Donations can be made online via paypal: