Monday, July 20, 2015

Nature Retreat - Honoring the land and facilities that support Shao Shan


On Sunday, July 19th amid impending thunderstorms a small group gathered to honor the land and facilities that are part of and support Shao Shan Temple.

Dramatic weather accompanied our canoe trip to and our ascent up Dumpling Mountain - the small mountain across the wetlands from the Temple.  Dumpling Mountain is part of Shao Shan Temple.  We carried up a sacred pole (that used to be in front of the temple) and planted it with ceremonies at the mountain peak.

New Sacred Pole atop Dumpling Mountain
Thank you to all who participated and to the wonderful land and nature that surrounds and supports us in our practice!
White Jewel Mountain

Ceremonial acknowledgement and gratitude was also given at the Temple, the Cemetery, the White Jewel Mountain Retreat, the vegetable garden, the Little Hall and the outhouses.