Friday, March 1, 2013

Japanese Monks at Shao Shan Temple

Rev. Shinjo (right) & Rev. Jikaku (left)

      Shao Shan Temple has been honored to host Rev. Shinjo Nohara and Rev. Jikaku.  Both are brother monks of Taihaku-san's training time at Hokyoji monastery in Japan. 
     Shinjo-san arrived two weeks ago and will be here for 3 months.  Also he will return in June for the 3 month intensive practice.  His contributions in Study Group have been deeply appreciated by all in attendance. 
     Jikaku-san has just returned to Japan after his brief one week visit.  In addition to participating in Shao Shan's programs, he worked on planning the Japanese tour that will be coming to America in September.  The Tour will attend Shao Shan's Shinzanshiki/Hosenshiki Ceremonies in addition to visiting New York City and Niagara Falls.

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